Po‘o Lawai‘a at Kahana Bay: The Fisherman

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Original piece by Heidi Buscher.

Outrigger Series, Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas.

40″ x 40”.

Kahana Bay on Oahu is surrounded on three sides by the Ko‘olau mountains. The nutrients from the rivers and streams that flow from the mountains and valleys made Kahana bay a nutrient-rich offshore fishing ground in ancient times. There was also a large loko i‘a (fishpond) named Huilua at the south end of the bay; remnants of which are still visible today. In ancient times, Kahana was plentiful with akule. These fish came into the bay to spawn. It is said that people from neighboring villages would leave offerings at the ko‘a (fishing shrine) which overlooked the bay in hopes of a good catch. It was common practice to leave the best fish from the catch and to offer pule at the ko‘a in thanksgiving.

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Dimensions 40(W) x 40(D)
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