Maikoha; The Kapa Makers of God

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Medium: Acrylic and Gold Leaf on Canvas.

Description: An old legend tells of Maikoha, a farmer who lived in Nu’uanu Valley. At that time, people of old did not have kapa to clothe themselves; they bore the driving rains of Nu’uanu without benefit of kapa as protection. Upon his death bed, Maikoha grew weary of the cold. To his daughters he foretold a plant that would grow from his grave. He instructed them to use this plant to make kapa from its inner bark. As prophesied, the wauke plant grew from his burial place. Maikoha’s daughters followed his guidance and learned the ways of kapa making. From this, the wauke spread throughout the islands and the methods to make its bark into the finest kapa were learned. So renowned was his gift of wauke that Maikoha became known as chief ‘amakua of the kapa makers: Maikoha, the Kapa-Maker’s God.

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Dimensions 18(W) x 12(D)
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