Fisherman with Throw Net

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Medium: Acrylic and Gold Leaf on Canvas.

Description: In the days of old, Pi’inaio Stream entered the ocean as a wide, winding kahawai, bringing fresh waters from the mountain valleys. These waters created the great abundance of the area, from wetland fields, to fishpond lined by narrow footpaths. The stream also carried muddy, nutrient-dense waters into the sea, creating rich offshore fishing. Pi’inaio shaped the physical and social landscape of the ‘ili of Kalia. It was a dominant in the life of Waikiki. 

An ‘olelo no’eau (Hawaiian proverb/saying) speaks of the pleasant portion of the coast of Kalia in Waikiki: Kekai wawalo leo le’a o Kalia, The pleasing, echoing sea of Kalia. (Pukui)

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