Mark Kimball
Lavapots Hawaii

Mark has enjoyed the simple, natural beauty of the Islands since childhood. In 1989 he began to experiment with the locally available materials. Eventually he designed a very high-strength waterproof composite concrete that does not require firing, and is plastic enough to be formed on the potter's wheel. The inspiration for the sculpted containers he makes comes from the deeply weathered and water-worn lava seen in the streams and along the rugged coastline of the Big Island of Hawaii.

Mark uses a ceramic/concrete material that he has created which is durable and waterproof. It is a unique blend of quarry sands, cement, ceramic clay, pozzolians, waterproofing fillers, and fibers. Each piece is hand thrown in one of Marks custom molds. Every piece is then custom sculpted while still soft, then eroded to create a rustic, weathered look. Next, pieces are hand-ground to remove sharp edges or burs. All pieces are then burned to remove exposed fibers prior to glazing.

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