Hilo Hana
Ty Lewis & Clay Callaway
Environmental Craftsmen taking green to a whole new level

Hilo Hana began in March 2009 by Ty Lewis and Clay Callaway. (Prior to moving to Hawaii 11 years ago, both Clay and Ty worked as a Director/Production Designer and Art Director/Set Decorator respectively for film, television and stage in Nashville and Los Angeles.) When the recession hit the economy in the Spring of 2009, their regular sources of income basically dried up and they were left with and assortment of construction tools, fertile imaginations and 4 acres of raw materials. In the beginning, they sold anything and everything they could think to create from bamboo bird houses and vases, to a variety of original baskets and driftwood holders for plant and orchids each day at the Hilo Farmers Market. As they discovered what products were more favored by the customers and with lots of encouragement from other vendors and fans, their distinct style began to quickly emerge.

As their first year unfolded, they expanded their sales to other markets on the Big Island. Today their one-of-a-kind creations sell at six various locations on the Big Island and exclusively at PLACE and Ito Florist on Oahu. "We make a variety of artistic container options for orchids and plants from things most people might see as garden rubbish," explains Ty Lewis, owner of Hilo Hana. Primarily utilizing invasive plant materials here in Hawaii such as waiwi, bamboo, palm sheath, roots, vines and driftwood, Ty and Clay design and hand-make a vast assortment of original baskets, vases, sconces, plant holders and hangers, wreaths and stands. "If we can make useful products from these invasive plant materials on the island and they become popular, they will become more scarce," says Clay. Their weekly creation of products is determined by what is harvested from their 4-acre garden in Hilo and the beaches of Hawaii each week. Every item is hand-harvested, hand-cleaned and assembled to minimize the impact to the environment, truly one of the "greenest" companies ever created.

In the future, their goal is to build a solar-powered workshop and as demand increases, buy raw materials from island residents to supplement their resources and provide supplemental income opportunities for other island residents. Truly a new, creative vision for going green. In a short time, Hilo Hana has gained local notoriety and PLACE is thrilled to be able to offer these one-of-a-kind creations as well as interactive workshops led by the Clay and Ty themselves.

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